Detergent Powder(Washing Powder)

Detergent Powder(Washing Powder)

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Product Description

Detergent powder is our major exporting item. It is suitable for Handy & Automatic Washing machines. Its registered brands are Sunny,Clear,Snow and Giant etc. Through the continuous efforts on research and development, our products are proved to be highly effective in clearing, washing and environmental friendly. They are sell well both in domestic market and overseas markets, such as South-east Asia, Middle East and Africa etc.

We can produce Detergent powder according to the client's special requirements (contents, package and brand etc). Small package(below 100g per bag) has big markets in Africa. Super quality, competitive price, considerate services are our advantages. We'll prove it is your good choice to cooperate with us.

Specifications︰ Detergent Powder
Active substance (straight chain sodium alkyl benzene
sulfonate 21% min.
STTP (sodium tri poly phosphate) 30% min.
Sodium silicate 10% max.
Sodium sulphate 26% max.
CMC (sodium carboxy methyl cellulose ) 1.5 - 2%.
(STS) Sodium toluene - sulphorate 1.5 % max.
Filling density 340 gm/liter.
Moisture 8% max.
1- optical brightener 0.2 % max.
2- perfumes 0.3 % min.
3- EDTA 0.2 % max.
4- CO polymer (soil release) 0.3 %
5- phosphonate 1%
Advantages︰ 1) Competitive prices 2) Saves container space 3) Suitable for hand and machine wash 4) High quality, middle grade and economical grade detergent powders available 5) Washing at normal temperature 6) Water-saving, time-saving 7) Protects clothing fabric and color 8) Available package sizes

Brand Name Brand: OEM /Soklin,Sunny,Snow,Propep

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Detergent Powder(Washing Powder)Detergent Powder(Washing Powder)