Sodium Bromate

Sodium Bromate

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Specifications︰ Molecular formula:NaBrO3
Molecular weight:150.9

1.Uses:This product is a strong oxidant, mainly used as printing and dyeing auxiliary,hair-permagent,chemical agent,
or gold solvent in gold mines when used with sodium bromide.

Content(calculated with NaBrO3)% :99.5% min.
PH value(5w/v): 5.5-7.5
Water %:0.1 max.
Nromide(calculated with NaBr) %: 0.05 max.
Sulphate(calculated with SO4 %: 0.01 max.
Arsenic(As) %:0.0002 max.
Chloride and chlorate(with C1)%: 0.03 max.
Heavy metal (calculated with Pb)%: 0.0005 max.

3.Shape and Properties:This product is white crystal or
powder,with density (7.5¡æ/4.0¡æ)3.339 and melting point at
381¡æ (decomposed). Its water solubility is 37.4g at 25¡æ,
90.9g at 100¡æ.It does not dissolve in alcohol.

4.Notification: This product is a strong oxidant, with
oxdizing grade of 5.1 and UN Dangerous Articles Standard
NO:1494.It burns when fricted or bumped.It becomes flammable
and may explode when mixed with sulphur, carbon and metal
powder. It reacts strongly with strong acid. It should be
stored in dry,cool and well-ventilated places,keeping away
from ammonide compounds and sulphuric acid solution.

5.Package:25kg or 50kg each,packed by cardboard buckets
lined with polyethylene bag inside.

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Sodium BromateSodium Bromate