Potassium Bromate

Potassium Bromate

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Specifications︰ Molecular formula:KBrO3
Molecular weight:167

1.Uses:This product is a strong oxidant, mainly used as
chemical agent,printing and dyeing auxiliary,quality-improv
-ing reagent for wheat granules in food additive and improv-
ing reagent for tinned fish and meat.
2.Standard :
Content(calculated with KBrO3) %: 99.5 min.
Degree of clearance: passed
Water-indissolvent %: 0.01 max.
Chloride and chlorate(with C1) %: 0.1 max.
Bromide(claculated with Br) %: 0.04 max.
Sulphate(calculated with SO4 %: 0.01 max.
Sodium(Na) %: 0.05 max.
Iron(Fe) %:0.001 max.
Heavy metal(calculated with Pb)%:0.001 max.
Water %: 0.05 max.

Note: Certain amount of magnesium carbonate and calcium
car bonate may be added in food-grade potassium bromate as
required by customers .Size can be chosen between 30 and 325

3.Spape and Properties: This product is white crystal or
powder,with density 3.26 and melting point of 370¡æ.It is free
of smell and tastes salty and slightly and slightly bitter.It
absorbs water easily and agglomerates in the air, but does
not deliquify.It dissoves easily in water but slightly in alc
-ohol.Its water solution is neutral.

4.Notification : This product is a strong oxidant , with
oxidizing grade of 5.1 and UN Dangerous Articles Standard
NO: 1484. It should be stored in cool and dry storehouses
against damp and heat,keeping away from combustion-supporting
articles and never coming into contact with organic compound
and combustible substances.

5.Package:25kg or 50kg each, packde by cardboard buckets
lined with plastic bag inside.

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Potassium BromatePotassium Bromate