Sodium Bromide

Sodium Bromide

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Specifications︰ Molecular formula:NaBr
Molecular weight:102.9

1.Uses:This product is used for making sensitive emulsion
of photographic filmand for making medicinal inter mediates
in medico-industries,e.g.diuretic,sedative etc. It is also use -d as bromide mading complex material and complex dyes.

Content(calculated with NaBr)%:99 min.
Drying loss %: 0.5max.
Chloride(calculated with C1)%: 0.5 max.
Sulphate(calculated with SO4)%: 0.1 max.
Bromate(calculated with BrO3) :Passed
Iodide(calculated with I) %:Passed
Heavy metal(calculated with Pb)%: 0.001 max.
Arsenic(As) %: 0.0004 max.

3.Shape and Properties:This produst is white cubic crystal
or white fine grain, belongs to regular system , with specific
gravity 3.203 and melting point of 755¡æ , it is free of smell
and tastes salty and slightly bitter. It absorb water easily
and agglomerates in the air, but does not deliquesce.It dissol
-ves easily in water but slightly in alcohol. Its water solu-
tion is neutral and has electoconductibility.

4.Notification: It should be stored in ventilated and dry
storehouse. It must be noted that the product guards against
damp and keeps in dard place, the fire can be put out by water
in case of fire.

5.Package:25kg or 50kg each by knitting bag with plastic inside.

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Sodium BromideSodium Bromide