Potassium Bromide

Potassium Bromide

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Specifications︰ Molecular formula:KBr
Molecular weight:119

Content(calculated with KBr)%:99 min.
Drying loss %: 0.5max.
Chloride(calculated with Cl)%: 0.3 max.
Sulphate(calculated with SO4)%: 0.02 max.
Bromate(calculated with BrO3) :Passed
Iodide(calculated with I) %:Passed
Heavy metal(calculated with Pb)%: 0.005 max.
Iron(Fe) %:0.0001 max.
Unsoluble matter in water %: 0.2 max.

3.Shape and Properties:This product is white crystal.It is
free of smell and tastes salty and slightly bitter,with speci-
fic gravity 2.75(25¡æ),melting point of 734¡æ,and boiling point
of 1435¡æ.It can disslove in water and glycerine , hardly diss
-loves in alcohol and ether with slightly deliquescence and und
-er sunlight it will become yellow easily.

4.Notification:The product should be completely packed and
stored in ventilated and dry storehouses,and guard against damp
and keep in dark place, in case of fire it can be put out by water.

5.Packge:25kg or 50kg edch by knitting bag with plastic ins

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Potassium BromidePotassium Bromide