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PS Plate

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Specifications︰ We can supply Positive, Negative and Light Printing PS Plates.

Instruction for PS Plate: It is manufactured according to the licensed technology from Polychrome corp.(USA). It is the best plate as present domestic market, which features outstanding printing quality, the most production output with many kinds and sizes.

*Light Source: Iodine-gallium lamp is used as the Exposure Light Source. Exposure time is depended on light source, the recommended exposures in the table are only a given range. We suggest that you should replace the light tube when the exposure time is 20% longer than normal exposure time.
*Film: To ensure the high exposure quality, it is suggested that the density of the film should be ¡Ý3.5 min. when exposing the plate with the film.
*Exposure time: Put the 21 steps gray scale£¨0.15 defference£©or UGRA CW 82 control trip at the bottom of the film and the edge of the plate, select the correct exposure and developing according to the recommended condition. The optimum exposure of positive plate can be obtained when the third step of gray scale is clear after exposure and developing, and the optimum of exposure of negative plate can be obtained when the ninth step of gray scale is clear after exposure and developing, or when the 15-20§èm micro-line appears on the control strip.

l Developing temperature: 23¡À2¡æ. If temperature is too high, it will influence dot reproduction and press life. If the temperature is too low, it can¡¯t develop completely.
l Developing time: less than one minute
Retouching Image Remover:
To remove unnecessary image or stains after developing, use a brush to apply a little erasing solution to the image area, let remover sit less than 45 seconds, then rinse thoroughly with water. If remover sits there for a longer time or rinse is not thoroughly, the plate will be contaminated.

Gumming£ºGum the plate surface evenly to form a protection layer after developing and rinsing. The concentration and the volume follow the manufacturer¡¯s recommendation. Higher concentration or excessive volume of gum solution will influence the printing quality.

* Baking solution: High-grade baking solution is necessary option.
* Baking time: 5-10 minutes. * Baking temperature: 220-240 ¡æ
Storage and Unpacking: * Temperature at 10-30¡æ and humidity ¡Ü60%.
* Unpack it under yellow light. All light should be yellow lights except for exposure light.
* Plate should be handled carefully to prevent from collision, heavy pressing and knock. The height of stacking plates should be less than 15 meters.
Guarantee Period: 18 months for positive plates.
12 months for negative plates.

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