Choline Chloride

Choline Chloride

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Specifications︰ (1) Commodity: Choline Chloride
Content of Choline Chloride:50%Min. 60%Min. 70%Min.
Loss on Drying:2%Max.
Thin(20 or 15 sieves):90% Min.
Carrier:Corn Cob
Quantity:15MT/20' FCL..

(2) Commodity: Choline Chloride
Content of Choline Chloride: 50% Min. 60%Min.
Loss on Drying:20% Max.
Thin(20% Sieves):95% Min.
Quantity:18MT/20' FCL.

Packaging: 25kg Net Multilayered Kraft bags with Polyethylene liner or White PP compound bag or 600kg/1000kg.jumbobag or customize packaging.

(3) Commodity: Choline Chloride (Liquid)
Content of Choline Chloride:70%Min. 75%Min.
PH: 6.5-8.0
Ethyiene Glycol: 0.50% Max.
Ethyiene Chlorohydrin(Cl):0.50% Max.
Trimethylamine:300ppm Max .
Residue On Ignition:0.20% Max 0.20% Max.
Heavy Metals(Pb):0.002% Max 0.002% Max.
Packing:in 230kg Plastic Drums

Character: white powder crystal and has special smell
Content:98% Min.
Loss on Drying:0.5% Max.
Burnt Draff(w/w):0.05% Max.
Heavy metal (Pb) mg/L: 10 Max.
Advantages︰ Material Usage:Anmal Feed AdditiveCholine ,being a member of vitamin "B" family (vitamin B4), is usually refemed to as a B-comples vitamin. It is essential in the building and miantaining of cell structures. It is involed in fat metabolism, formation of acetylcholine and methyl donation. Choline aids in the prevention of many livestock diseases, and hllps in minimizing development of fatty and kidney diseases and poorco-ordination in aninrals such as poultry and piglets. Choline is also required by layer to produce quality eggs and broiler in speeding up growth and reduce mortality raje. It is in fact an esentia component for ensuring the proper functioning rvous system in oridf. Choline olays a vital die in a number of different ways:-by buiding and maintaining cell structures;-by forming acetylcholine for the transmiss on of imoulses;-by preventing perosis in poultry;and by boilding lecilnin.

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Choline ChlorideCholine Chloride