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Betaine HCl

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Product Description


Betaine HCl : 98% Min

Loss on drying: 1% Max.

Heavy Metal(Pb): 0.002% Max.

Advantages︰ 1. The Physical Characteristics and Chemical Structure of Betaine

Betaine, with the molecular formula as (CH3)3N+CH2COO-, being similar with amino acid, it belongs to quaternary ammonium hydroxides substance. Being flowable in appearance, to be crystal powder in little brown , with the melting point as 293 centigrade, betaine is soluable in water easily, and can be soluted in methyl alcohol also.

2. The Function of Betaine

Betaine has many funtions, to be the supplier of methyl, it can promote the metabolism of fat in human body, easy up the excitement, adjust the osmosis pressure, furture the appetite and stabilize the vitamin, so and and so forth.

2.1. To be the Supplier of Methyl
The concept of methyl’s transshipment in human body has been attracking people’s attention more and more. It is ordinarily considered that the methyl can not be synthesized in human body itself, and the food containing methyl wealthily is necessary, for such kind of substance, it is called as the supplier of methyl. Betaine can replace the choline partially, to be the source of methyl’s supplier. Choline should be tranformed to betaine in human body firstly, then can be the supplier of methyl; Moreover, there are many chemical compounds in daily grain, such as the carrier of ion, can restrain the choline’s oxidation in mitochondrion, and the rate of employment of methyl is reduced accordingly, therefore, to use betaine directly is to be more effective.

2.2. Promoting the Fat’s Metabolism and Restraining the Fatty Liver
After testing, it is proved that betaine can promote the fat’s metabolism well, and eliminate the unnecessary fat in liver effectively, therefore, betaine can be used to prevent and cure fatty liver and other related diseases.

2.3. Adjusting the osmosis pressure in human body
Choline can not synthesize betaine in a large quantity in the condition of excitement, in order to adapt the human body’s requirments to betaine, adding some betaine in food, to make the betaine as the protector for osmosis pressure in the condition of excitement. For the above mentioned, using betaine perhaps is more important than saving some methionine

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Betaine HClBetaine HCl