Basic Malachite Green, Basic Green 4

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Specifications︰ Basic Malachite Green (Crystal or Powder)

Other Name: Basic Green, Malachite Green, Basic Brilliant Green

C.I.No.: C.I.Basic Green 4(42000)

Appearance: green flash blocky crystal.
Strength:100% standard
Shade:similar to standard
Water-insoluble Impurities: 5% Max.
Moisture Content: 6% Max.

Main Uses: can be used in the dyeing of acrylic fibres, silk, wool and cotton fiber; also applied in the dyeing of leather, hemp, bamboo, wood, paper and mosquito-repellent incense; Widely used in the color matching of cationic black and as bactericide and fish medicine in fish breeding industry.

Advantages︰ Basic Malachite Green (Crystal)
Basic Malachite Green (Sand)
Basic Malachite Green (Powder)
Basic Malachite Green (Liquid)

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