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Specifications︰ Product name: Furfural
Formula C5H4O2
Synonyms 2-furaldehyde, furfuraldehyde
Molecular Weight 96.08
UN NO 1199
Appearance Colorless. Amber Almond-like Bitter Liquid

CAS NO 98-01-1
Purity % ≥98.5
Moisture % ≤0.2
Acid (mol/L) ≤0.016
Density (P20)g/ml 1.159-1.161(20/4)
Refractive index (D20) 1.524-1.527
hs code 29321200
Auto-Ignition Temperature 315.5
Boiling Point 161.8°C (323.2°F)
Melting Point -38.7°C (-37.7°F)
Hazard class or division 6.1
Soluble in cold water, hot water, diethyl ether,
Soluble in chloroform, petroleum ether, benzene,
and ethanol
Above flash point, vapor-air mixtures are explosive
within flammable limits noted above. Reacts
violently with oxidants. Reacts violently with strong
acids and bases causing fire and explosion
hazards. Sealed containers may rupture when
heated. Sensitive to static discharge.

Packing In 230Kg or 240Kg Iron drum