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Furfuryl alcohol

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Specifications︰ Product name: Furfuryl alcohol
English name:furfuryl alcohol , furfuralcohol , 2-Furancarbinol ,
Synonyms:2-Furanmethanol; 2-Furylmethanol;2-Furylcarbinol;
2-Furancarbinol; Furyl Carbitol

Molecular Weight 98.10
UN NO: 2874
Appearance Clear Colorless to light yellow Bitter Liquid
CAS NO: 98-00-0
Purity % ≥98.0 98.5
Furfural % ≤0.7 0.5
Moisture % ≤0.3 0.2
Acid (mol/L) ≤0.01 0.008
Density (P20)g/ml 1.129-1.135 1.129-1.135
Refractive index (D20) 1.485-1.488 1.485-1.488
hs code 29321300
Auto-Ignition Temperature 915
Boiling Point 170-171,68-691.33kPa
Melting Point -31
Cloud point (oC) ≤10.0 8.0
Hazard class or division 6.1
Easily soluble in cold water, diethyl ether. Very
soluble in alcohol.
Soluble in benzene. It is soluble in water, but is
unstable in aqueous solutions. It is insoluble in
paraffin hydrocarbons.
Furfuryl alcohol ignites on contact with 85%
Hydrogen Peroxide.
May have explosive reactions or polymerization with
cyanoacetic acid, formic acid, mineral acids and
organic acids.
Packing In 230Kg or 240Kg Iron drum