RL-IIN Image Recording Film

RL-IIN Image Recording Film

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Product Description

RL-IIN Image Recording Film


RL-IIN is a new generation of receiving material. It has achieved excellent performance both at He-Ne laser typesetters and red-laser diode imagesetter to get high quality image.


Main Properties

·Hard dots, excellent image quality

·Low fog density, transparent film at ordinary processing conditions, maximum density up to more than 4.0

·Wide exposure and developing latitude, suitable for rapid access at high temperature

·Loading the film under room light, it is convenient and fast.



305mm×60m               338mm×60m                   356mm×60m

390mm×60m               400mm×60m                   406mm×60m

420mm×60m               457mm×60m                   508mm×60m

520mm×60m               558mm×60m                   610mm×60m

660mm×60m               720mm×60m                   762mm×60m

838mm×60m               914mm×60m                   964mm×60m


Other sizes are also available as required.



The package of these three kinds of room light films can be selected according to the type of machine. The films can be loaded under room light conveniently and rapidly.

1. Room light film-feeder can be used as one-time cartridge.

2. Soft flange package can be easily placed in the special cartridge of the machine.

3. Hard flange package is suitable for machine with axis of 71.9mm diameter.

Regular diameter: 28.6mm, 50.8mm, 71.9mm

Surface of emulsion layer: inward or outward

Product Image

RL-IIN Image Recording FilmRL-IIN Image Recording Film