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Specifications︰ Chemical Name: P,P¡¯- Oxybis Benzene Sulfonyl Hydrazide
Apperance: fine white powder
Decomposition temperature: 150C-164C
Gas Volume(ml/g):122--136
Moisture: 0.5% max
PH: 6.0¡ª8.0
Partical Size:D50=5¡ª10um

Useage: OBSH is an outstanding non-staining,non-discoloring, non-toxic,odorless,nitrogen releasing blowing agentfor the production of both cellular rubber and plastics.Among the latter,PE,PVC,EPOXY,TPR, and PHENOLIC resins are currently expanded on a commercial scale with blowing agent OBSH.It can be also in the production of themal insulation materials based on blend of synthetic rubber and themoplastics,NBR-PVC. Blowing agent OBSH produces ammonia-free gas by themal decomposition, making it safe to use in cellar cableinsulation.Decomposition temperature of OBSH is well matched with the conventional curing temperature range,OBSH, Therefore,provide good blowing efficiency at conventional curing tempe- Rature without activator.Furthermore, has no effect on the cure of rubber Or on the stability of PVC.