Gardenia Yellow

Gardenia Yellow

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Product Description

        Gardenia Yellow is a natural pigment extracted and purified out of the seeds of gardenia, which belongs to Rubiaceae Family. Its main component is Crocin, a rare water solvable carotene. Gardenia Yellow is not only a pigment, but also a nutrient. It can be easily dissolved in water and alcohol. Cronin is the red crystal of crocitin amarogentin, its MW being 215, its molecular formula being C11H61C71.
        The water solvent of Gardenia Yellow is weakly acidic or neutral. Its color remains stable in different acidity situation. In neutral condition or in alkaline condition, its light fastness and heat fastness is satisfying. Except when Fe2+ exists, it remains stable with metal ions
existence. Its performance of dyeing proteins is more desirable than that of starch.
        According to International regulation, such as GB2760-86, Gardenia Yellow can be applied to color beverage, wine and cake, etc, the utmost amount limit being 0.3g/Kg, the toxic LD being 27g/kg; according to Japanese regulation, in the form of powder or liquid, it can be applied to color flour, beverage, jelly, gelatin, gummy candy, cheese, milk product, biscuits, etc.

Specifications︰ Gardenia Yellow
Light Absorbance E 1% 1cm 440nm ≥10-550
Purity 238/440≤0.4 320/440≤0.4
Heavy Metal(pb) <1ppm
As <0.5 ppm
Total Bacteria Amount ≤1000μ/g
Pathogenic Bacteria should not be tested out
Outer Appearance aubergine powder or orange liquid

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Gardenia YellowGardenia Yellow