Gardenia Blue

Gardenia Blue

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Product Description

        Gardenia Blue is the blue product of the reaction between iridoids extracted from gardenia and α-amino acid with the presence of proteolytic enzyme. It is produced after fermentation and purification according to food producing process.
        Gardenia Blue’s color is cobalt blue. Based on Mutagenicity test, Acute Oral Toxicity Test and four months’ Subacute Toxicity Test, It has been proved that Gardenia Blue is nontoxic if used conventionally. This product easily dissolves in water and hydrophilic solvent. It has maximal absorbance at the wave length of 598nm. Its dyeing ability is stable in water solvent of pH 2.5-8.0. Gardenia blue is more resistant to water than to light. Except when Fe2+ and Sn3+ exist, it is stable with metal ions’ existence.
        It can ideally dye proteins and hydrocarbons. When ratio with other food pigments such as red or yellow pigments is changed, gardenia blue can be turned into pigments of other colors, such as blue and purple pigments. Therefore, Gardenia Blue is widely used, for example in coloring ice-cream and candy; in tinting beverage and wine; and in processing meat or other agricultural products.

Specifications︰ Light AbsorbanceE 1% 1cm 595nm ≥5-80
PH 4.6-6.0
Glucose ≤20g/kg
Fructose ≤23g/kg
Ash <10g/kg
Pt <0.5mg/kg
As <0.3mg/kg
Total Bacteria Amount ≤1000μ/g
E. coli Should not be tested out

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Gardenia Blue Gardenia Blue