4'-Chloro-2',5'-dimethoxyacetoacetanilide (AS-IRG)

4'-Chloro-2',5'-dimethoxyacetoacetanilide (AS-IRG)

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Product Description

4'-Chloro-2',5'-dimethoxyacetoacetanilide (AS-IRG)
Molecular Formula: C12H14O4CLN
Constitutional Formula:
Molecular Weight: 271.6
Purity: ≥99%
Melting Point:≥99¡æ
Appearnce: white to offwhite crystalized powder
Volatiles: ≤0.3%
Akali insoluble matter: ≤0.1%
Usage: Mainly used for making organic pigment C.I.83 as well as other types of organic pigments.
Packing: Brown paper bag lined with plastic bag.
Net Weight: 25kg
Storage & Transportation: Keep it in dry, cool and shady place and transport it like ordinary chemicals.

Specifications︰ 4'-Chloro-2',5'-dimethoxyacetoacetanilide (AS-IRG)
purity: 99% MIN
Advantages︰ Our company possesses advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, strong production capacity and strong technical force.

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4'-Chloro-2',5'-dimethoxyacetoacetanilide (AS-IRG)4'-Chloro-2',5'-dimethoxyacetoacetanilide (AS-IRG)