• Auramine O (BASIC YELLOW 2)
  • Auramine O (BASIC YELLOW 2)

Auramine O (BASIC YELLOW 2)

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Product Description

Other Name: Basic Light Yellow O, Basic Auramine, Basic Fluorescent Yellow GR

C.I.No.: C.I.Basic Yellow 2 (41000)

Main Uses: can be used in the dyeing of acrylic fibres, silk and cotton fiber; also applied in the dyeing of leather, paper, hemp and viscose; also used in the direct printing and blotch discharge printing of tannin mordant dyed cotton, and also used to produce colour lake and used in inks, etc.

Specifications︰ Appearance: yellow uniform powder
Strength, % :100±3 standard
Shade: similar to standard
Water-insoluble Impurities:1.5% MAX
Moisture Content: 3.5% MAX.
Fineness (the sieving residue, 80 mesh): 5% MAX.
Advantages︰ Strong Product

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